The doctor you've been searching for—in the palm of your hand
With the Galileo app, you get 24/7 access to an expert medical team on your phone at no cost


    The doctor’s office is out.
    24 days
    Average wait to get an appointment with a new doctor
    of people don’t see a doctor due to cost
    of health concerns can be solved virtually


    Quality virtual care is in.

    Affordable, on-demand care
    Expert doctors available 24/7
    No appointments necessary
    Easy access to health records
    No copays or deductibles
    Prescriptions, labs, and specialist referrals
    With Galileo, you get quality care for your health concerns right from your phone—at no cost— and without the need for an appointment.

    Care for: Prescriptions and renewals — Cold and flu — Hair loss — Diabetes — Headaches — Insomnia — Back pain — High blood pressure — Anxiety... and much more


    We truly care about your health
    (the feeling seems to be mutual).

    “Galileo physicians answer promptly and efficiently, but they also seem caring. I’m happier with this than I’ve ever been with my insurance.”

    “The doctors are so kind, helpful, and informative and have given me such sound advice. Even at 1 a.m., they respond super fast.”

    “The doctors have gotten back to me so crazy fast about any issue I’m dealing with and have given great insights and explanations easily over text.”


    See Galileo in action.